Group exhibition

Fruit - Contemporary Art of the Diputació de Castelló II and III

22 june 16 september

Fruit is the result of the acquisitions of contemporary art by the Diputació de Castelló in the years 2022 and 2023. It entails, a collection of ten artworks that are added to the ten already acquired in the first phase, making it posible for this initiatory root to bear fruit.

Enhancing the value of the artistic and creative fabric of the province of Castelló is a latent need. Among the lines of work initiated by the area of Culture we have strengthened the promotion of the Contemporary Art Collection of the Diputació de Castelló to revitalize the art market and actively participate in the dissemination of our most recent cultural heritage.

Promoting the capacity of contemporary art and the people who create it is a political and social necessity to shake conscien- ces in a citizenry increasingly aware of the past, more critical of the present and committed to the future.

These new works by artists from Castelló show how the creative heartbeat of our territory is still alive and growing with a firm and determined step. The set includes painting, sculpture, audiovisual and installation, a diversity of disciplines and generational perspectives when it comes to rethinking both the foundations of artistic registers and analyzing social, political and cultural contemporaneity.