"ReViu Les Aules" (ReLive Les Aules) aims at rethinking, reactivating and rediscovering the Espai Cultural Obert Les Aules through its commitment towards contemporary art, offering an immediate reflection of the heterogeneity of forms and languages that make up current creative processes in Castelló. This project grants importance to collaborative practices among cultural agents, both public and private, in the city and in the province. Thus, ECO Les Aules becomes a worth-of-attention space for the creation and transmission of culture, art and free-thinking. In this manner, the project fosters an accessible, high-quality and integrating culture which is also safe for the audience and dedicated to those who make it possible, especially in the current global crisis.

The project ‘ReViu’ sees Les Aules as a creative space for artistic exhibition that champions emergent languages and creative processes. These are seen as valid agents that generate suggestive discourses fostering critical thinking and social integration. In this first year, the core of the program will be made up of the disciplines of design and illustration and their diverse realizations. This focus will be shared with manifestations and projects that tackle historical memory and go in depth in the dissection of processes that construct collective and individual imaginaries.

The main intention behind "ReViu Les Aules" is to draw attention to women that create, produce and think. It is paramount for the project to guarantee the real participation of women in all the areas in which culture is manifested, thus becoming part of the agents that make society fairer, more equitable and more sustainable. Other commitments of this project include: to foster a free-flowing exchange with entities in the immediate surroundings; to meet the needs of both audiences and creators by offering Les Aules as an open space for participation where dialogs are established, consciences are shaken, and critical thinking is generated; and to care for the existing creative scene in Castelló de la Plana and in the province by establishing complementarity with the rest of participants. Overall, it is one of the aims of this project to create a recurrent space within the cultural, entertainment and touristic itineraries. With this will of integrating audiences, a didactics service is conceived to serve as a digital mediator between pieces and both specialized and general audiences.

On the other hand, the "ReViu Les Aules" team presents EncapsulArt. Art contemporani de la província de Castelló (Art Capsules: Contemporary Art in the Province of Castelló), an in-house production funded by the program for online culture CMCVaCasa from the Consorcio de Museos de la Generalitat Valenciana in 2020. EncapsulArt focuses on the contemporary artistic scene in the province of Castelló exploring both, consolidated and emergent trajectories, as well as renowned and introspective artists. In this heterogeneity of profiles, EncapsulArt fills the need for knowing more about these artists beyond their profiles in social media, if any, by offering trustworthy up-to-date resources. Through short audiovisual clips, EncapsulArt presents artists who discuss, from their personal perspective, their motivations, reflections and analyses with the aim of building up a collection of resources with testimonies from those who make art and culture possible in the territory of Castelló.

All in all, "ReViu Les Aules" aims at creating a receptive and open meeting point where audiences interact with artists.