Recovering and reimagining cultural spaces.

22 may 12:00 h

Presentation of 'Diálogos a la nube / Hot Talk Club. Espacio de mediación 2020'. Organized by 'ULTRASONS. Músicas en vibración' and the Coordinadora de Asociaciones Culturales del Alcalatén, this presentation is aimed at the meeting and dialog of cultural agents to reflect, learn and contribute with their knowledge.

For the 2020 edition, the sanitary context took the mediation space to the digital world, where eight interviews called "Diàlegs al núvol" were recorded, divided into two main areas: "Professionalization of the cultural sector" and "Culture in our environment". 

Alfonso Ribes, Irene Gras, Paula Lorenzo from Cúmul and Rafa Gascó from MIAU Fanzara discuss about the present and the future of cultural models. Modered by Blai Garcia from Ultrasons. 

Picking up the baton from these interviews, and with the presence of professionals from the cultural world, Alfons Ribes, Irene Gras, Dani Cala from Cúmulo and Rafa Gascó from MIAU Fanzara, a round table is articulated to create, imagine and share new models and solutions for the challenges of the present and the future of cultural spaces, as expressed on the occasion of the International Museum Day 2021.