Lo que no se ve

30 april 5 june

Imaginaria Festival. Photography in spring – Parallel program

Jesús Montañana, author. Pablo Chacón, coordinator.

Jesús Montañana has researched and photographed places where a sexist homicide has been committed in Spain throughout a whole year. He photographed not only those murders that were officially registered as sexist violence, but also those with clear signs that could not be proven. Feminicides in prostitution or crimes in which the victim – a woman- did not know her murderer.

The objective of ‘Lo que no se ve’ (What can’t be seen) is to report this situation and raise awareness, by focusing on the empty spaces where violent sexist homicides were committed in Spain. Montañana uses 2017 as an example of the great number of misogynist murders committed every year with the aim of framing in time a social problem that has existed, at list, since the beginning of humankind and for which no clear solution is discerned.

Throughout 2018, the project ‘Lo que no se ve’ has obtained the photography grant Olot and the DVK Seguros grant during the Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo de Albarriacín. It has also been awarded the prize “Centre Cíciv Pati Llimona” by Art Photo Barcelona, the “Copias Wall Award” by Art Photo Barcelona, and it has obtained the second prize for the grant “Lens”. Furthermore, it was one of the finalists in the Art Photo viewings in Barcelona, in the Opencall in the Festival Inernacional de Fotografía Getxophoto, in the international contest Lugano Photo Days and in the 18th edition of the Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo de Albarracín. It has also been selected for the Transeurope Portfolio Reviews of PhotoEspaña and the Iterarios Fotográficos in the Patata Festival.

Jesús Montañana

Valencia, 1984

Valencian photojournalist. Winner of the grant DKV Assegurances in the 18th Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo de Albarracín in 2018.

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