'El Maestrat Filmat'

18 march 7 may

This experience is born from the process of recovery of the cinematographic image in the Castellón region of Alt Maestrat carried out by Fermín Sales; a process in which more than 20 different film collections have been located and preserved, including filming in towns such as Albocàsser, Benassal, Catí, or Ares del Maestrat.

Once the recovery of these images-memory has been consolidated, the project proposes the re-signification of these images, with a clear will to use these films to think about the territory where they have been recorded and the society they portray.

"Some images and a territory. The ghosts of the past confront the present".

The 'Espai Cultural Obert Les Aules' presents for the first time an adaptation of the thickness of the documentary project in the form of an exhibition proposal.



Fermín Sales

Albocàsser, 1990

He is an audiovisual creator specialized in documentary filmmaking. His work reflects on elements such as image, memory and territory.

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