'Des de l'Amor'

3 february 12 march

The key idea raised by the exhibition, 'from love', immediately refers to the concept of romantic love, which is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness underlying Gender Violence. It is, in fact, the moral support that many of the aggressors claim to have. It is the misrepresentation of love, a positive feeling of peace, of appreciation, of willingness to live together with the loved one that motivates, from an erroneous interpretation, the most cruel and widespread violence in different societies around the world and throughout history: Violence against Women.

Des de l'Amor is exhibited for the first time at ECO Les Aules. Its distribution seeks to create a visual impact on visitors.

The exhibition Des de l'Amor consists of a set of paintings and installations of strong symbolic charge through which the artist delves into those ideas that underlie Gender Violence. Beyond believing that it is our mind that determines significant aspects and gives value to the elements that surround us, the artist questions the social bases that have created the necessary differentiation to stipulate power structures that lead to this specific type of violence.

Ana Beltrán Porcar

L'Alcora, 1986

Ana Beltrán is a multidisciplinary artist. Focused on the pictorial medium, she currently develops interdisciplinary proposals based on performance and installation.

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