'Comics as popular entertainment', by Unrated Comics

17 april 12:00 h

Throughout the last decades, comics have shown their unlimited potential to make incredible stories. Comics flourished in the periods after the wars, offering accessible entertainment in times of shortage. Today, comics remain a vibrant and imaginative form of entertainment. Writers and cartoonists create both fictional and realistic worlds, and, most of the times the stories they create transcend social strata.

Comics remain a popular, unlimited, inexpensive and accessible entertainment for all audiences, even in the 21st century.

Iván Sarnago, from Burgos, was the architect behind Unrated Comics. After several years self-publishing his strips and comics in a digital format, in 2018 he decided to create his own publishing label with the aim to release works by other emerging authors. In 2020, Víctor Alós took the helm of the publishing house and, from Castelló, he began a new stage with the publishing of a serioes of novels that reinforced the comics line.