'L'any del desconcert', by Photobook Club Castelló

23 april 18:00 h

Photobook Club Castelló is a space to discover, rediscover and enjoy photography through publications. Their activities focus on the exhibition, sharing and exploration of photography publications. Session No. 23 is entitled “L’any del desconcert. La crisi sanitaria des de la fotografia” (An Unexpected Year. The Health Crisis through Photography) and will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, the confinement and their effects on society.

The activity, coordinated by Vicent Tena, encompasses the presentations of: “Tiempo detenido” by Eduardo Nave; “Pandemia. Miradas de una tragedia”, coordinated and edited by Gervasio Sánchez; and “Covid Photo Diaries”, a volume edited by Judit Prat which compiles the work by eight Spanish photojournalists who documented the State of Alarm created by the coronavirus. The latter will be presented by Isabel Permuy and José Colón, participants in the volume.