Dis_order, XXIX Mostra Teatre Reclam

4 december | 12:00 — 13:00 h

Every day we do paperwork, we hand in documents, we look for certificates... let's do some paperwork then.

Today the office goes out to the street to order and control, to show the dangers to which pedestrians are exposed,… The clown Pere Hosta puts himself in the shoes of an office worker who will transform the space and our emotions by doing work; because the office worker of Dis_order has come to change the world ... Or so he will try! A certifier of certitudes. Wait in line!

The Reclam Theater Festival is the most important performing arts event in the cultural landscape of our region.

It is the main joint meeting of our territory that includes theater, dance and circus. With this year's edition, there have already been 29 editions. Because of its regional uniqueness and the temporality between October and December, this is a festival of reference in the calendar of festivals, which recognized beyond the Valencian Community.