'Crims a les Aules' by Castelló Negre

30 april 17:45 h

The festival “Castelló Negre”, specialized in noir and crime fiction, presents the session “Crims a les Aules” in the patio of the ECO Les Aules, with two round tables and the ceremony to give the CSN 2021 award to the journalist and writer Rosa Montero. Montero, who published “La buena suerte” in 2020, will talk with Pedro Tejada about her career, which includes awards for novels like “Los tiempos del odio”; “La ridícula idea de no volver a verte”; or “Historia del rey transparente”, which received the National Awards of the Spanish Letters in 2017.


17.45 h: Round Table: "La fràgil línia negra entre el Bé i el Mal" (The Thin Noir Line between Good and Evil) with Raúl Ariza, Alberto Pasamontes and Camino Díaz Bello. Moderated by Lidón Castillo.

18.45 h: Round Table: "Quan la novel·la és negra (més o menys)" (When the Novel is Noir – More or Less)with Alberto Gil, Alejandro M. Gall and Gema García-Teresa. Moderated by Pedro Tejada.

19.45 h: Prize-giving ceremony: CSN 2021 Award to Rosa Montero, for her literary carreer. Interview with Pedro Tejada.